About us

Rutland & Stamford Conservatives

Affiliated to the Conservative & Unionist Party, the Association is self-funding from voluntary contributions and abides by a constitution.
Our local branches across the constituency have committees who are responsible for running and organising local events and campaigning. Each branch has an elected Branch Chairman who is responsible for liaising with and reporting back to the Association at regular intervals.

The Association has a well-defined management structure, with local branches and sub-committees, all reporting to the Association Officers and Executive Council, who are all volunteers. The Association Officers are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting at which all members are invited to attend and vote.

Meet the 2024/25 Officer team: 

Our Mission Statement

Our task is to support our Member of Parliament, County, District and Town Councillors, to show we can govern with integrity, and deal honourably with and for the people we serve. We must bequeath to all our families a lot better prospects than they have now.
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